MegaSquirt® 8 Cylinder Install Kit with Igniter


8 Cylinder Coil Igniter

For use with MegaSquirt® is a registered trademark of BG Soflex LLC, Ems-Pro and other aftermarket ECU’s that require an ignition amplifier.

* High current capability 11.5 Amps per channel with built in over temperature shut off circuitry.

* Large heatsink for maximum component cooling.

* Quick easy wiring with clearly marked heavy duty screw terminals (14 gauge – 20 gauge wire). Terminals are a tension sleeve technology which provides maximum contact force and remains stable over a long period of time.

* Compact size 2”x 4”x 1.5”


Kit includes the following:

  • Qty 2               12 volt 30 amp relays
  • Qty 1               Inline fuse holder with 5 amp fuse
  • Qty 8               Fuel Injector Pigtails- Bosch style
  • Qty 1               GM Style Coolant Sensor with pigtail
  • Qty 1               GM Style IAT Sensor with pigtail connector
  • Qty 1               6’ Vacuum hose
  • Qty 1               Vacuum “T” fitting
  • Qty 1               3 Wire Narrow Band O2 Sensor
  • Qty 1               O2 Sensor Weld Bung
  • Qty 1               8 cylinder igniter module



MicroSquirt® is a registered trademark of BG Soflex LLC

Additional information

Weight5.0 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in


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