Microsquirt® Module


The MicroSquirt® Module is designed to be a Do-It-Yourself starting point for your own custom Engine Management System (EMS). This module is the “brains” for engine control in a module format, ready for use on your own baseboard hardware. Since you will be using the module in your own applications and most likely spinning up your own PCB to host the module, it makes sense to take a look at creating your own Engine Management System by extending the base functionality of the module. Nowadays it’s real easy to do this with all of the hardware and mature firmware options that are ready to use on the Microsquirt® Module. Also, with the UART serial and CAN connectivity of the MicroSquirt® Module allows you to easily access the realtime data within the module in order to develop custom hardware implementations. The module does the hard part of engine controls, allowing you to focus on the FUN stuff!

The Microsquirt® Module is operationally identical to the packaged Microsquirt® Engine Controller and runs the same available firmware (B&G, MS2/Extra, MS/Extra Trans, and Extra/GPIO code versions). You create your own mainboard and plug in a Microsquirt Module onto the board, and now you can have an engine controller, a transmission controller, or a general purpose I/O extension box for your MS3 system.

Due to the nature of this product it is not supported directly by EFI source, see links below for product support:




Basic features:


  • IAT and coolant temperature sensor interface
  • Throttle position sensor interface
  • Battery voltage correction on-board the module
  • External MAP sensor input – choose OEM or vendor sensors to fit your application
  • Crankshaft and camshaft position sensors (Hall, optical, or VR/Magnetic Pickup supported)
  • Oxygen sensor (narrow band or wideband w/ external controller)
  • 2 general purpose analog inputs for baro correction,  second oxygen sensor, MAF, or knock sensing
  • GM flex fuel sensor input


  • 2 channel injector outputs – works for 2 low impedance (2.4 ohm minimum) or 8 high impedance injectors
  • 2 logic level ignition outputs
  • Fuel pump control
  • PWM IAC control
  • 2 general purpose on/off relay outputs (MS2/Extra 2.1.1 allows use as spark outputs for a total of 4 logic level spark outputs)
  • Several unconnected processor pin connections for building your own circuits
  • On-board 5 volt regulator for internal power and VREF generation.
  • Industry-standard 0.1” header for all signals.
  • Module runs original B&G Microsquirt code, or for added functionality load in the popular MS2/Extra Microsquirt code versions. On-board bootloader mode firmware makes reflashing thru the serial interface easy and quick

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 8 in