NexGenEFI Pro Edition Slim Digital Display



NexGenEFI Digital Dash: Advanced Interface for Enhanced Vehicle Performance

Elevate your driving experience with the NexGenEFI Digital Dash, the ultimate dashboard solution designed for modern fuel-injected vehicles. Our state-of-the-art Digital Dash seamlessly interfaces with various fuel injection systems utilizing the CAN BUS protocol, ensuring a high level of compatibility and performance.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Compatibility: Our Pro Edition Digital Dash is engineered to integrate effortlessly with a wide range of fuel injection systems via the CAN BUS protocol, offering you a versatile and reliable performance monitoring solution.
  • Efficient Power Usage: Designed with efficiency in mind, the Pro Edition  Digital Dash boasts low power requirements. It operates effectively without putting any unnecessary strain on your vehicle’s electrical system.
  • Easy Installation: This unit requires a simple switched 12V Power and Ground connection for operation, making the installation process straightforward and user-friendly.  Connectivity between the Pro Edition Digital Dash and the NexLink Pro ECU interface is done via a provided CAT 5e cable.
  • Comprehensive Display: Stay informed and in control with features that support GPS Speed* or VSS, TPMS*, blinkers, high beams, and fuel level along with specific data from your fuel injection system. The display is designed to provide clear and concise information at a glance, enhancing your driving experience.
  • Sleek Design: The Pro Edition Digital Dash features a modern, sleek design that will enhance the aesthetic of your vehicle’s interior while providing all the essential information you need.  Constructed in-house with UV resistant and durable ABS with brass inserts used to ensure a secure fit.
  • Mounting Options: Carbon ABS steering column mounts or a custom fabricated dash bezel can be created for your vehicle at an additional charge.  Please email NexGenEFI prior to ordering if you need a custom dash bezel.

Whether you’re a professional driver or an automotive enthusiast, the NexGenEFI Digital Dash is your go-to solution for a comprehensive and efficient vehicle monitoring system. Upgrade your ride with the cutting-edge technology of NexGenEFI and experience a new level of control and performance.

*Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors are available at an extra charge.
*GPS Speed is utilized by communicating with a Qstarz BT-Q818XT receiver.  That is available online thru Qstarz or Amazon.

Additional information

screen size

5", 7"

Carbon ABS Steering Column Mount

none don't need it, 5" Column Mount (40mm), 7" Column Mount (40mm)

MicroSD extender

none, don't need it, 7.8" MicroSD extension cable