Universal Xtra Gold Box with IO Extender


The MS3 Gold Box is a powerful, feature packed engine management system that the budget minded enthusiast has been waiting for. The Xtra Gold Box gives us the ability to provide our customers with an I/O extender (8’ flying lead)  for those of you who can’t get enough data. Our Gold Box plug and play systems have become very popular, but many of our customers are requesting a universal system. Now they can harness the awesome power of the Gold Box for applications we do not offer a custom harness for. Whether you have a passion for street, race or show cars, the Gold Box gives you exactly what you need.

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ECU Side 8ft universal harness

Intended for use with the MS3 Gold Box. It includes 2 (two) 8’ pigtails with AMP seal connectors and wires labeled every 3” for traceability.

IO Extender –

The IO Extender w/ 8 ft. Harness firmware allows the use of a Microsquirt as an IO Extender w/ 8 ft. Harness with minimal D.I.Y. and straightforward

software configuration. When used with MS3 or  it can offer a useful I/O addition:

7 Analog inputs (0-5V variable)

2 Wheel speed inputs (VR or hall type)

2 Wheel speed (hall type) or ground-switch inputs

1 dedicated ground-switch input

2 high current PWM/switch ground-switching outputs

4 mid current PWM/switch ground-switching outputs

1 low current PWM/switch 0-12V outputs

By design, the inputs and outputs have a fixed function to simplify configuration. All configuration is performed through TunerStudio in the MS3 settings pages.

Additional information

Weight8 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 6 in